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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm on a new diet. It allows me to eat as much as i could and not fell guilty and uncomfortable afterwards. With this new diet, getting slim is not guaranteed but you would definitelly not feel deprived. Like tonite, i had spagetti, banyakkkkk sangat and still have room for ice cream and grapes and jelly and satay ikan and that really nice 3-in-one coffee yang ade perasa tongkat ali tuh... thereafter, i just barf everything i ate.

I'm tired of trying. I'm sick of hoping. I just want to let it be but i cant coz i feel guilty and uncomfortable... I just want to savour all the flavors foods have to offer. If only i can feel happy being fat... i know can't, so.... for the time being i'll stick to barfing. It's not nice (especially after eating soomething spicy) but that's all i can do.



Sunday, August 13, 2006

lem pit

Wah, Malaysia memang boleh!!!

"...Aqasha lies bare chested in bed when Julia stripped down to her spagetti starp, climbs on top of him and gives him a body massage of sorts" - boleh

"...scene with Aqasha and Julia bathing in a river that ends with Aqasha briefly touching Julia's breasts"- boleh

One of the viewer even commented that "it was like watching a foreign movie". Good, now mission accomplished. Malaysia boleh.

I have no problem with sexy scenes. Or even nudity. i love them. I welcome them....mueheheheh... Tapi biasa i tgk omputih je buat adegan seksi-seksi depan kamera (exception: WNA, Najwa, Datin etc), it's a different thing seeing orang kita doing it, for commercial purposes. Yes, i bet the the saucy scenes would pull crowd. I bet David Teo can hear the cash cow mooing... (anyone seen his face in last Friday's Malay Mail? You got my point. Thank you).

I might sound a lil conservative here but i am not sure with the new level of leniency shown by the censorship board. Even the Julia who played the role of a Bohsia in this film admitted that she was embarressed when she first watched the movie but "...it was my rsponsibility to give my best to make the role believable when i agreed to play that character.." Dont worry Julia, your mom would understand. This girl takes her work seriously. Bravo. The fact is, regardless of how modern we are now, we are still malay. Being malay there are certain unwritten rule that should be observed. And i dont think the Malays who involved in this film does that and they try to justify the sauce scenes by saying that the this is a movie about the lives of mat rempit, so the scenes are appropriate. Wah... that being said, then in a movie about prostitution, nude scenes would be fine la... Yahoooooo!!!

It's a slippery slope. When such scenes are allowed, it opens door for something more... bak kata org melayu, "diberi betis nak peha" kasik peha nak ape??? Ha... jawab...


Thursday, August 10, 2006

"As i told you the other day Duan, you are always right... except for times when i disagree with you... "


Monday, July 31, 2006

Kacang Dalam Kondom Yang Bertuah

Ahah.... so Yana lied to me! Remember in my previous post, i wrote that i was told that my ex's gf is not pretty? Not true. Not true. Yana was just protecting me... from the truth. Patut la ko stammered when i asked whether she's pretty... Heheheheh.... i so love my friends... very protective and supportive. They know when to tell the truth and when not to. Mak sukeeeee..... Now, where was i.... ah... that ex.... aweks dia cun siot wa cakap lu!!! Camaner la awek dia tu bley nak kat dier??? Isk... isk...And i thought he now looks like handful of peanuts stuffed in condom... Ah... i know! she must have something for ugly people, like i did the last time... muehehehehe.... years ago.... when the only wisdom in me was my wisdom tooth, i was addicted to this childish relationship. A relationship wherein calling each other bitch and bastard is cool... A relationship where there are nightly calls but no words are spoken (aku tak kira! Janji kau calll!!! setannnn), a relationship where i thought the more pain and suffer i endure the stronger the love is (love my ass).... I am clean now. Sober and much happier.... Now i learn that love is a game where two can play and both could win... i now know and experience for myself how two people could give and receive the same amount of happiness... i dont have to love him more than he loves me and he doesnt have to love me more than i love him... coz we are equally in love... oleh itu, kepada Encik Kacang Dalam Kondom, saya mengucapkan selamat maju jaya dalam hidup anda (tapi kalau kau tak maju dan tak jaye dalam hidup pun, aku tak ambek pot jugak)....


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dear Thief,

How could you steal my purse. I just bought it. I bought it in Disneyland. Because of you i dont think i would be able to sleep at night. I will miss my Mickey Mouse purse. It was a cheap purse but i love it nonetheless. I miss the coin compartment. I miss the Mickey ears shaped zipper. My gloomy days became cheery once i reached into my handbag and pulled the colourful purse out. How stupid of you Mr Thief, the money you got from my purse is grossly unproportionate to the sin that you have incurred and the curse that i have cast upon you and your girl/boyfriend.

I hate you. Because of you i cried in public at the KLLC. That was so embarassing. Now how am i supposed to go there next time? You have tarnished the macho gal image that i have been projecting all these while. How am i supposed to go there again????

Because of you i have to run here and there. Because of you i have to re do my IC, my driver's licence and even apply for new zing. Because of you i have to block my ATM and credit card, do you know how crucial the plastics are when my impulsive buying attack? U just dont get it , do you? i have less than 40 bucks in my wallet when you took it. Serve you right. If you use or give my cute purse to your niece, i hope she will grow up fat and unattractive.

There goes my insurance card. Now i have to ask for a replacement. Now i have to call my insurance agent, Ken. I know he'd ask me if i have deposited this month's premium or not. Well, i havent!! I have no money :(

Sampai hati you curik duit i... tu harta anak yatim tu. I anak yatimm.. uhuk..uhuk.....


Monday, May 22, 2006

I acknowledge the fact that as time passes by, people get more evil, heartless and mean. I'm kinda immune to the crime news everytime i read the newspaper. Rape here, kill there. People are so fucked up. This morning i saw a very disturbing image on the front page of the Malay Mail. A little boy was killed and stuffed into a suitcase. A lifeless little boy, with his pale tiny feet stucking out of a floating suitcase...... I couldnt shake it out of my head... hope it's gone by tomorrow...


Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Duan, remember that time when i said your ex girlfriend is pretty?"


"Actually i tipu. I rasa dia tak lawa. I lagi lawa...HAHAHHAHHAHA!"

Am i mean? I proceed to ask Duan whether he's angry or not at my remrk. He said no. Which made me mad. Apasal lak tak marah? Marah la, tipu arrr kalau tak marah. Ni nak tipu aku la ni!!! But then, i would have been more mad if he's mad. Sebab itu tandanya dia still care. Which is.... i need not tell you, kan?


U might ask, why in the first place i said his ex was pretty if i actually thought that she's not, and now i'm saying she's not pretty. So, here's the thing. She is actually ala, boleh tahan la. So i was telling the truth, plus i wanted to impress Duan on how much an honest, open minded, unemotional woman i am. Hahahahha... I think it is in women's nature lah. We will always have this hostile feelings towards women who

a) are dating our exes
b) are exes of our man
c) are dating our man (ni nak kena pancung la ni)

If you say that you LIKE the person who falls under a), b) or c) i say you are lying. U could fool people around you. But you cant fool yourself, Unless you are THAT stupid...hehehehe

But there is an exception. I found myself loving this gal who dated the man i dated.

One day i met my ex (actually this is a revelation, Duan jgn marah... i pass kad kawin jer and i wanted to see his expression, priceless). Too bad he was already seeing someone when i passed him my invite, so the impact was not that great. Ceh, buang karan je. Anyway, we talked and talked. One thing after another until we came to the part when he confessed that he left me for another gal. I knew it, but hearing it from his own mouth was so ... i dunno how to describe it. But that's not the best confession, that came out of his mouth that nite. There's more.

I acted as if it didnt bother me. No, no, no... i made it looked like it bothered me at first but i have forgiven him and moved on and my life now is soooooooooo much better without him (which is truly the case, duhhhh). Then when i gained his trust he continued to membuka pekung di dada..hahahaha best..best... He told me that he actually fell for his collegemate. A young gal age of 19. He fell so hard for her. He spent so much on her. Paid for her college fees for 1, 2 semester (am not sure busy cursing him silently that time), gave her money bla bla bla... she even sold his camera and she pretended that it was lost (did i tell you we procured that fucking camera together? i helped him bought that camera with my Gloria Jeans money!!!) and then to repay him, this gal went and sleep around! At this juncture, my ex's face was so gloomy, I wonder how i managed to put on that sympathetic face when all i wanted to do that time was DANCE, do the CHICKEN DANCE, flip my imaginary wings in his face and lead a choir of BOOOOOOOOOOOO in his face. Instead, i smiled sympathetically and said, "kesian kau". God, i'm such a fake.

Just when i thought he had said allthat needed to be said, he said this "...masa tu, aku menyesal break dengan kau..." . Ok now, let's put on the chicken suit and do the chicken dance.

That time i was in love with the girl who dated the man i dated coz she made him realised how stupid he was to leave me (well, at least for her).

Now that he's dating someone else, someone nice (according to him) and i am happily married. We are even. And i heard that the new girlfriend is not pretty. Ahhh thank God. Eh, is that hostility? No wonder, she is a) the woman who dates my ex.

Havva nice weekend